Before configuring an approval process, you must first set up an approval template. These templates can be used on individual posts or entire brands. 

Important: You can skip this part if you need to send content to just one person for approval. Simply hit To Approval and select the user who you want. 

Creating a new template

In Brand Settings, go to Approval Templates: 

On this page, go to Create New Template. A new blank template will show up prompting you to Add a new approval round.

Note: Only people that have approval access to this brand will appear here. So, remember to make sure the users who will approve content for this brand or channel have access to GAIN first.

Customize your template

Now that your first approval round is created, add a name the template. Anything that helps you recognize the template quickly and know who is in it, and where it belongs. 

Then, add a name to each round to identify them. By default, the rounds have a name already: "Round 1, 2, 3..." and so on. 

Note: You can always rename this in the future, so if anything changes you don't have to delete it or create a new one.

How do clients access GAIN? 

Next, learn how approval notifications work. If you're sending content to external clients, see what your clients can do when approving content in GAIN


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