On GAIN, you are notified when there's content awaiting your approval. Sometimes life and work get busy and we ignore or forget that there's content waiting for us to take action. 

This is where Approval Auto-Reminders come in, they are automatic emails sent to remind you that there's content waiting for your approval.

Approval Auto-Reminders Schedule
Once content has been sent to you for approval the system automatically sends out a series of emails. After the first e-mail for approval is sent, you'll receive a reminder six hours after the first approval e-mail is sent; another one after 12 hours, then 24 hours, 48 hours and a last one after 72 hours.  

Disabling Approval Auto-Reminders
Reminders are on by default for all users. Sometimes you or some of your users and clients would prefer not to receive these reminders, so we offer a way to disable them if they wish.

This can be done in the My Profile & Password menu. Click on the user email address at the top right, and then un-check the option to receive reminders (see images below).

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