Although you will receive an email when someone sends you content to approve and clicking on that email will log you in automatically, you can always choose to log-in at any time to GAIN to see the content calendar.

Send yourself a link to access your calendar

If you have already approved content and don't want to wait for the next notifications to access the calendar you can always send yourself a login link.

Visit and enter the e-mail addresss associated to your GAIN account. Once you click on "Send Login Email" you will receive the link to login. 

Note: Make sure to accept e-mails coming from, otherwise these notifications might end up in your Spam folder. 

Create a password for your account so you can login without the need of a link 

To set up a password, once you are logged into your account (by sending yourself a login link), go to your user settings at the top right click on your e-mail address. In the drop-down options choose My Profile & Password.

Enter a new password in the fields New Password and Confirm New Password.

From here on, you can use your email and the new password to login at any time to approve content or to look at the content calendar without requesting a login link.

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