We know how much everyone, including us, hates receiving tons of e-mails. That's why we have smart notifications, so that your approvers receive fewer notifications but still don't miss out. 

When content is sent for approval for the first time, the approver will receive a notification via e-mail. If you send 10 posts for approval, the approver will only receive one notification via e-mail. 

Smart Notifications

So, if a team member sends more content to them for approval while the person still has some content pending, the approver will not receive a new notification. Instead, the reminders will take care of notifying them of pending posts. 

When all content is approved, reminders will stop. So when new content is sent for approval, a new notification will be sent and the process will start over.

Approval Reminders

If the approvers don't action and click on Review Content when they receive the e-mail, then GAIN will activate reminders. These reminders will be sent at 6, 12, 24, 48, and 72 hours after that first notification.

Next, learn some possible reasons why your approvers aren't receiving notifications.

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