When your agency or content manager sends content for you to approve, you will receive an e-mail notification with instructions on how to review content.

By clicking on Review Content, a new window will open up and you'll be automatically logged into GAIN. Here you will able to see all posts pending your approval as well as the calendar with all the content published for you. 


  • You can also set up a password to log-in, in case you want to see content without waiting for an approval notification or requesting a new login link. 
  • The magic link works up to 30 days after it is sent, but it also expires after you use it once. If this happens, you can always request a new token here.

Accessing Content

Once you click on "Review Content" or log in, if you are reviewing content via the desktop version of GAIN, your homepage will look as below: 

To access the pending content, click on the check mark notifications labeled My Pending Approvals:

Approving Content

Once in the "My Pending Approvals" page, you can view mock-up mobile and desktop previews for all channels. For Facebook posts, you can also view what your right-hand ads will look like.

In the right hand side, you'll see information about the post such as the channel, publish date, visibility (only for Facebook, indicates when the post is a dark post), and post target. See below.

The "see all notes" button will let you visualize all the notes your content manager has left that are relevant to the post. 

Important: When you see a red triangle next to "publish date", it indicates the publish date as passed. Make sure to approve content prior to the publishing date, otherwise content will not be published automatically once approved. 

Each piece of content has the option to Approve, Approve with a Comment, or a Request Revision. You can edit your response right alongside the content if you're requesting specific changes to your team.

Whenever you click on Request Revision, your team receives a notification with the specific change requested so they can make the change and send it back to you for final approval. 

Pro Tip: Approve content with a comment to give your team a conditioned approval, meaning that you approve the content as long as a condition, specified in the note, is met.

Approve or request revisions on multiple posts at once

If you have several posts waiting your approval and are ready to approve some quickly to clear your queue, choose "select all" and then click "approve selected". This way you'll be able to approve several posts at once. 

The same works if you want to request similar revisions on multiple posts at once. You can "select all" or select each post as you see fit, then click on "request revision on selected". 

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