On the Billing section, you can check your billing history and also set up an e-mail address to receive a copy of your monthly receipts automatically. 

Your next payment will be shown on the View Billing History section and all your previous receipts as well. On the column labeled Actions, there are three icons: a PDF icon to download as PDF, an eye to display on the browser, and an envelope to send to any e-mail. 

To download more than one receipt just select them, click download checked and a ZIP file will be downloaded with all PDF files inside. And again, to send just a few or all receipts to any e-mail address just select them and click on email checked. 

Configure who you want to receive receipts by e-mail

On Receipt settings, on the field send me my receipts enter the e-mail address of the person who is responsible for managing receipts, even if they're not GAIN users they will still be able to receive them. 

In the field labeled extra billing information, add anything that's relevant to your business such as tax information, full business name, VAT identification or address that you want to see on your receipts. We'll make sure it shows up on every receipt.  

Note: Receipts are received after you have paid your subscription to GAIN. 

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