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In Gain, you can create and schedule posts for LinkedIn Company Pages, including link and status posts. In this article, we will go over everything you need to know about posting on your LinkedIn pages. 

To create new content, make sure your LinkedIn Page(s) has been connected successfully first. You will know it has been connected successfully because it will show up under Channels in the Filters panel. Then, click on the +New Content button or hover over the date in the calendar and click on the New Content icon. 

Specifications for LinkedIn 

  • For the highest quality presentation on, the image referenced in og:image should be at least 80 x 150px to prevent it from being artificially stretched to fit the layout.

Permissions to post to Company Pages

You can only connect LinkedIn company pages for which you are an administrator. We will authorize your LinkedIn pages through your personal profile, but we will not access your personal information or post on your LinkedIn Profile. 


  • Administrative rights are automatically granted to the creator of a Company Page. 
  • Only company administrators can edit Company Pages, add or remove other admins, and post company updates. 


To find out more information on admin roles, go to LinkedIn’s help center.

Content Assets

For LinkedIn, there are two types of posts: link and status posts


Link Posts


  • Add a URL under the Link field and the platform will populate the title, description, and images, then modify the title and description copy as you want.
  • If a mistake was made on the URL or it needs to be changed or to change the title and description when a different link is chosen, simply clear all three fields first and then enter the new link. When the new link is placed, the fields will repopulate the title and description automatically.

Status Posts


LinkedIn does not offer the ability to make image-type posts through their API. That means third-party apps like us, unfortunately, can't make image posts, only link posts. 



Important: There's no way to tag company pages via LinkedIn's API at the moment, as soon as this is available we'll be adding the ability to do so on Gain as well. 

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