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  • Duplicate content from one channel or brand to another
  • Recycle content 
  • Schedule & unschedule multiple posts at once
  • Send multiple posts for approval

Content in Gain can be managed with one click. Whether you’re trying to schedule one week’s worth of content or send one month of content for approval, you can do so in bulk. 

After you know which posts you are going to be working on, select them in the Calendar or List View.

Then, from the top action bar under the three dots, you will find options for tagging, exporting, deleting content, and the option to add notes. 

A few things to keep in mind before scheduling and sending posts for approval: 

  • All content in Gain can be scheduled up to six months in advance. 
  • By default, content will always be scheduled in your local time zone. 
  • Any content approved after the designated Publish Date will not be scheduled. So always make sure your posts are approved before the Publish Date passes. 

Duplicate content from one channel or brand to another

Duplicating content with Gain is easy! You can start a Twitter post with a video, then duplicate it to Facebook and make both the text and video longer, for example. Or create an Instagram post then copy it to Facebook and add a link. To get started, choose which post you will duplicate in the Calendar or List View and then follow these steps: 

  1. Select the content that you want to duplicate. You can do this either from the calendar or list view.
  2. Click Duplicate in the action bar at the top.

3. Select the brand or channels where you want the content to go to.

4. You’ll also see the Duplicate button when you are creating a new post. For teams that batch content weeks or months in advance, it can be useful to copy content for resharing right away, so you have content ready to go on your Gain content schedule.

Once you're done copying, your new content will appear as a draft on the same date of your original post. Then, you can make any edits to the content. For example, add more hashtags if you copied the post to Instagram, switch out the image so you can A/B test which receives the most clicks, etc.  You can then recycle content or, reschedule it or send it for approval. 

Note: If you’re duplicating an undated post from the List View, your new cloned posts will appear in the List View if you filter by Undated. 

Recycle content 

Recycling content is a great way to save time and increase engagement. With Gain’s Smart Recycle™ feature, simply select content and set a date and time range for when you want to recycle those posts. That’s it! Gain will automatically distribute the content as drafts throughout the date range you selected. 

To get started, choose two or more posts you will recycle in the Calendar or List View then follow these steps: 

  1. Click Recycle in the action bar at the top. 

      2. Choose the date and a timeframe, then click Recycle Content. Your content will be automatically distributed throughout the days and times you select. 

3. After you click Recycle Content, you will see an option to See the content in the calendar so that you can schedule the content right away, or click OK if you want to schedule the drafts later. 


Schedule & unschedule multiple posts at once

Select the content in draft mode first. You can filter by Publish Date, Channel, or Status to find the posts. Remember that posts without a Publish Date will not show up in the Calendar, so go to the List View, add a Publish Date, and Schedule them. 

Select All or just the posts needed and click Schedule.

To unschedule content, click To Drafts to make that post a draft again.

Send multiple posts for approval

To send a single post to approval, simply click the To Approval button in the Post Editor when in post edit mode. You can also send multiple content to approval from the Calendar or List View. 


To send content for approval, select all the posts that you want to send, then click the To Approval button. Make sure to select posts with the Draft, Revision Required, and Ready for the Next Round status, as posts in Scheduled status cannot be sent for approval. 


To send Scheduled posts for approval, send them back to Draft mode first and then for approval. 

To cancel the approval process, click To Drafts to make that post a draft again. 

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