GAIN can convert and publish your animated GIFs as videos. 

  • Publishing your GIF as a native Facebook video provides a faster, more consistent experience across all Facebook platforms, including desktop, mobile app, and mobile browsers. 
  • Facebook will autoplay and loop them, just like regular GIF posts
  • Unlike traditional GIF posts, users aren’t taken out of Facebook when they click on the GIF.

No GAIN URL is visible in the post, which keeps your branding intact and Facebook usually gives more prominence to video posts in the newsfeed, which boosts engagement.

Important: When publishing gifs as videos, the maximum file size of 5MB is not modified.  

The option to publish your GIF as a video will already be selected when you create a Facebook animated GIF post.

No worries, though! You can turn this option off and publish it as a regular GIF. 

Important: If you're publishing GIFs don't autoplay as a video and are published as links, make sure the option "Publish GIF as video" is checked in GAIN. 

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