Posting to Facebook on GAIN is pretty easy! Make sure you are an admin of the Business Page you want to manage and hit +New Content or +Post to get started. 

Note: You can only connect Facebook Pages to GAIN.

You can tag other Facebook Pages, create link posts*, upload one or multiple photos, videos, and animated GIFs, as well as create carousel and regular status posts.

You can upload JPG, PNG, or GIF images. To use animated GIFs, change the post format to Animated GIF. If uploading in photo or video format, your animated GIFs will be static. 

Important: Any posts scheduled on GAIN should show up immediately on Facebook's scheduled list with the exception of multi-image posts

What's next?

Learn how to schedule your new posts here

*Facebook has made some changes to its API that prevents all users from modifying the preview of any link shared on both personal timelines and business pages, including the headline (or title), description, and the image that accompanies a link.

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