Exporting content for your clients or for archives your team needs has never been easier. Save your content in PDF, CVS compatible with Hootsuite, CVS with comma-separated values, and Excel spreadsheet with notes included. We'll briefly go over each format below. 

PDF Format

Documents in PDF formats can be downloaded in English, Spanish, Portuguese or French. If you would like us to include another language, contact Support and we'll get it done.

Excel with notes included

The content will be given a post id to identify it and the spreadsheet will include status, created time, publish time, client's name, post type, copy, a link to the picture or video used, and tags. 

This format has an extra tab so when you can click on View Notes, under the column labeled notes, you're automatically directed to that tab. There, each note will have a link to the post id, date and time created, user, the actual note and a TRUE or FALSE column labeled Visible to Client to identify which notes the approver could see.

Export content from the Brand Settings menu

Choose a content publish date, your timezone or client's, the social media such as Twitter or Facebook, the posts' status that you want to export, and filter by tags if necessary.

Also, on Sort By, you can organize your data by Channel and then publish date or just the publish date. 

Export from list or calendar view

To download content from a specific channel in the List or Calendar views, simply filter by Channels

Similar to the Data Export view, on both views you can filter the posts by Status, Publish Date, and/or Tags. 

On both views, you can select the posts to export, or select them all, then click on Export.

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