When creating a new post, make sure they have publishing dates and GAIN will take care of the rest. 

  • All content in GAIN can be scheduled up to six months in advance. 
  • By default content will always be scheduled during your local time. 

The most straight-forward way to schedule is to simply select from the calendar all the posts in Draft status and click Schedule. 

The good news though is that the Schedule button is present in all the views so that you can select posts from either Calendar or List view to Schedule them.

Saving your post places it in draft mode in your calendar with a proposed date and time. Draft posts will not be published unless they are set to Scheduled. 

Schedule Multiple Posts at Once

Look up the posts you want to schedule, filter by publish date, channel, or status to find them easily and send them all to Schedule with one click. 

When the pop-up screen shows up, click Schedule

: Facebook multi-image posts, will not appear in the scheduling list and Instagram posts will not show up in the GAIN Notify app until the exact time they are ready for publishing.  

Schedule a Single Post Multiple Times

First, make sure you have copied the post for as many times as you need it. Then, drag and drop the posts to the dates they'll need to be published. 

By default they will keep the times the original post had, by dragging them to the desired date you will only modified the day. 

Select these posts and hit Schedule. 

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