GAIN Notify is an Android companion app that allows you to post directly to Instagram. Since Instagram does not offer a sanctioned posting API, users must post directly from their mobile device. The GAIN Notify app alerts you when it's time to post Instagram content created on GAIN, and allows you to post with just a few steps.

Make sure you connect and set up your Instagram account first!

Important: an Instagram post will not show up on the app until it's time to publish the post, per the publish date you set. So, a post is scheduled for tomorrow at 10 am, it will only show up on the app at that hour and not before. 

A post showing up on GAIN Notify does not depend on a previous post being published or not, it only depends on the scheduled date/time. 

Setting up the GAIN Notify App to Receive Notifications

Download the GAIN Notify app from the Google Play Store.

Login to your GAIN account using your credentials. 

Note: GAIN Notify supports 1Password manager to log in to the app. 

After you're signed-in, allow GAIN Notify to push notifications, otherwise, you will not be notified when new content is ready to be published, by selecting OK. Then it will want to confirm again so select Allow

Pending and Posted tabs.

 If no posts ready to publish are available, the empty Pending tab will read: "No posts ready to publish. Login to your GAIN account and get notifications when there's Instagram to publish." When content is available they will be on this tab waiting to be manually posted. (See below image). 

The Posted tab will include all the content that you've already posted to Instagram.

When there's a post to be published you'll get a push notification. (See the images below). 

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