After the manual publisher receives the push notification from GAIN Notify, the publisher has to paste the post's caption onto the Instagram app. 

Then, GAIN Notify respects the formatting originally done when the post was first scheduled inside the GAIN app, including paragraph spaces. However, Instagram won't allow multiple line breaks in a row (i.e. leaving one or more blank lines in your captions). 

Here's an example where line breaks are included in the creation of the post but once the post is published, the text is shown on the app as a block. 

Important: This only seems to happen when users view the post in the Instagram mobile app. Posts on the web show paragraph breaks (even when using many blank lines).

Some users (as in this example) use a trick to separate paragraphs by putting a single period at the beginning of each blank line. See below.

Additionally, under certain circumstances, Instagram seems to remove the line breaks altogether. Also, please note formatting is controlled on Instagram's side and we can only reflect it on our previews, not modify it in any way. 

For more information on using Instagram, please visit their Help Center here.

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