Facebook made some changes to their API back in 2016 and now impose limits on a page-by-page basis. 

What does this mean for third-party application users like you?

The page level rate limits follow a 24-hour sliding window vs. the 1-hour for app-level rate limiting, with the limit being 4,800 calls per engaged user per 24 hours for any given Page. 

Any calls made to the Pages API during the time when the Page management app remains "rate limited" for the 24-hour window exceeding the Page's allowed limit will result in Error Code 32.

How does this change affect my GAIN activity? 

GAIN is very judicious in the number of API calls it makes to your page, to avoid issues like this as much as possible. However, you may see them (like now) if you're working on a page with low fan engagement or if you have many third-party apps connected to the page.  

The workaround is to wait a little bit (a few minutes) then try again and disconnect any third-party apps connected to the page if you can. 

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