GAIN's mission is to make social publishing workflows easy for anyone working in teams. Notifications are an important way to keep everyone on the same page by gathering feedback from clients and have content approved and published on time. 

These are some possible notifications we send and their role in helping your team succeed:

Content Pending Approval from social media channels

Time to Published on Instagram

These notifications cannot be turned off and are only sent to the person set up as manual publisher for an Instagram channel. 

  • An e-mail notification will be sent when content as been published on Instagram. 
  • A push notification to the manual publisher's mobile phone if they have GAIN Notify app* installed on their phones. 

*GAIN Notify does not receive any other type of notifications aside from push notifications, however, in the future we will expand the mobile app to receive other types of notifications.

When content has been approved 

After content is reviewed and approved, anyone with access to the channel for which the content has been approved will receive a notification letting them know the approver has finished reviewing the content. 

These notifications can be turned off as we do not consider them vital. 

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