If you have already downloaded GAIN Notify but are still not receiving notifications double-check the following:

  • You are assigned as the Manual Publishing User for the Instagram channel(s) in GAIN. You can do this by going to the Instagram Channel settings and checking there.
  • In the GAIN Notify, you are correctly logged in with your user credentials. 
  • GAIN also sends you an e-mail notification when it's time to post to Instagram. Make sure that e-mails from support@gainapp.com are not ending up in your spam folder.
  • You have enabled notifications for the GAIN Notify. You can check this by going to Settings and make sure that all the notification options are enabled. (See below images). 
  • If all is configured correctly and you're still not receiving notifications, log out of the mobile app (click the orange "logout" button) then log back in.

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