Typically, after sending a post for approval your client should receive an alert instantly in the e-mail address used when added in Account People. GAIN notifies approvers right away and lets you know the hours or days since the approver was last notified. 

If your client is not receiving any notifications, it may be best to troubleshoot a few things first. 

Corporate Server Blocking GAIN Notifications

It may be the case that your client's email system is blocking notifications from GAIN at the server level. Usually, we can check when our e-mails have been sent and received, even opened, but sometimes the e-mail server receives the message and responds back to us with "received" without actually delivering the message to your client.  This may happen with corporate security systems.

A workaround is to contact us so we can assign a temporary password to your client's GAIN account, this way they'll be able to log in using the standard login (https://manage.gainapp.com/login/).

Once inside they can go to the My Pending Approvals section to approve content. 

Also, they should change this password as soon as they log in. 

Finally, please have your client contact their IT department so they can whitelist GAIN e-mails (@gainapp.com).

Correct spelling names in e-mail addresses

This may seem common sense but with our busy lives it is possible to misspell a name in an e-mail address or a company name. Double check the address is correct when inviting a client into GAIN, remember that your client will not receive content unless you send it to them for approval.

Spam Folder

Make sure that e-mails from support@gainapp.com are not ending up in your spam folder.

How do my clients approve content on GAIN?

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