Most organizations or agencies have several people in charge of approving content before it's published. To manage internal and external approvals in GAIN, you can set up a workflow to organize approving users in rounds and save the process as a template.

Note: If you're using GAIN just for you, or don't need any approval process, then you can skip this step and just schedule your posts directly.

Typical approval process set up for an agency

This example assumes that the content is being managed and created by team members that work under the direction of a lead Social Media Manager, who is the first step of internal approvals.

Add one or more approvers and combine them into multiple stages of approval with special rules. Each stage of the process, called a Round, has some options that affect how it works:

Everyone must approve vs. any single person can approve

  • When the round is set to everyone must approve, every single person must give the OK to the content before the process can continue to the next round. 
  • If set to any single person can approve, as soon as one of the approvers gives the OK, the round is marked approved.

Auto-advance to next round after approved 

  • With this option selected, as soon as a round is approved GAIN will automatically move to the next round (including sending the appropriate notifications to the approvers in the next round). When this option is off, the post will be marked ready for next round and it is up to you to manually continue the approval process.

Auto-schedule post after all approved

  • With this option is selected, the post will be automatically scheduled (assuming you've set a future publishing date for it) once all rounds have been approved. When this option is off, it is up to you to manually schedule the post.

Important: Approvers will only receive a notification when content is sent to them for approval, not an invitation to join GAIN like regular users do.

Next step

Once the process is set up, you're ready to start sending content to approval. The simple way to send posts to approval is by hitting To Approval and selecting your template from the drop-down.

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