Creating a post through GAIN is simple and to get started make sure you have already created a brand and connected a social network. All of the channels work in pretty much the same way. 

Creating new content 

Simply click on the '+ New Content' button in the top-right corner or click right on a day within the calendar. Next, select which channel you want to create a post for. 

The creative editor will open and you can begin creating your post. Simply add your text, images, videos for your post. 

After you create a post you can schedule it for the future and then send to approval. 

  • If your content doesn't require approval from your clients, you can simply schedule the post. 
  • All scheduled posts will publish automatically on the date you set

Send to Approval 

For posts that require approval, head back to the calendar and select the check box next to all the 'draft' posts you want to send for approval. Then click the 'To Approval' button. 

A window will open and you can select who you want to send the content to for approval or send it to an approval template

Viewing Your Content 

  • All of your content can be viewed under the Calendar or List View. The calendar format helps to see a monthly picture of planned content while the list view makes it easier to work with multiple posts at once. 

Content Status

As you create new posts, they will all start in the 'draft' status. Your posts will go through different stages to let you know whether they've been approved, they have revisions/changes requested, or whether they've been published. Learn what happens in each stage and how to get them moving along until they are live.  

What's Next?

Learn to schedule posts and how to organize your content with tags, to easily find all your posts. 

Get the most out of GAIN with a free walk-through!

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