Posting to Instagram requires the use of the GAIN Notify app. This companion app is required to seamlessly post content directly to Instagram with just a tap when content is scheduled. Instagram does not offer a sanctioned API that allows GAIN to automatically publish content.  The GAIN Notify app alerts you when it's time to post content and allows you to post with just a few taps. No copy-paste, no mistakes!

Learn how to download for Android and iOS

Setting Up Your Account to Post to Instagram

Choose the brand whose Instagram account you want to add. Choose the option to Add a Channel and then Instagram. Once you click on Instagram you'll be routed to their page to sign in. 

Note: If you're already logged in to an Instagram account, GAIN will automatically connect you to it. So make sure you're logged out of the accounts you don't want to connect to GAIN before setting up your account.

Authorize access to your Instagram account by choosing Authorize on the Instagram website.

Once the account has been authorized you'll be directed back to the Instagram account settings on GAIN. Here you can choose the team member that will be notified when scheduled content is ready for posting. This user should have the GAIN Notify along with the official Instagram apps installed on their phone. 

The user selected will receive an e-mail with an invitation to download GAIN Notify app on their phone. Once the app is installed, the user can log in with his GAIN credentials, and accept Notifications from the app on his mobile device.


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