The list view allows you to manage and edit content in bulk, filter content by status, publish date or tags, and export content. Unlike the calendar view, on the List View, you can see your content organized in columns in whichever order best works for your team. 

Combine filters of status, publish dates and tags.

A few tips on how to best take advantage of the list view:

  • Whenever there's content pending approval that is near its publish date, you can search by Pending Approval status and filter by the Publishing date range. Select all the posts at once and renotify approvers. 
  • Search for any posts that require revisions but that have already been modified, add a note notifying your teammates and on the same page send them back for approval. 
  • Filter specific content to export to stakeholders or clients. 
  • See in which round of approval posts are currently in or modify the publish date for specific content. (see below)

Work on several posts with the menu bar 

The menu bar is located in the main calendar for all channels too. By selecting content from the List View, you can action on it with the following tools. 

We'll go over the most important ones: 

  • To Drafts - Send content that's in any status, except Live, to drafts so that you can modify the post, the approval templates, or the publishing date and then re-schedule it.
  • Publish Now - Override scheduling and approvals, this button allows you to publish your posts immediately. 
  • To Approval - Sends any posts selected to approval, also allows you to select the approval template or by clicking on add or edit your approval template takes you to the approval templates page.
  • Duplicate -  To easily copy content from one channel to another, or even to a different client's channel simply select the content and click on this button. 
  • Add Note - Want to add the same note to multiple posts? Select them and click on this button to add. You can also choose to make the note visible to approvers. 
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