Simplifying workflows is one of GAIN's top priorities. 

Using a Creative Asset channel allows you to upload files such as PDF, images, Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, Microsoft Office, and videos to send to your clients for approval. These files can be anywhere from a PR release to Powerpoint presentations, brand videos, blog posts, and any content that requires approval from clients or you want to share with your team members. 

Creative Assets work much like Facebook and Twitter channels, meaning you can create content, schedule it, and send it for approval. The main difference between other channels and Creative Assets is that the content created will not actually be scheduled (but will show up on the calendar) as it will not be published anywhere.  

To get started go to Add Channel and select Creative Assets. 

*Note: The Creative Assets process ends once the content is approved. Although the assets can be set on a specific date so that you can manage them on the calendar, GAIN is not publishing them and will send you an e-mail letting you know the content could not be scheduled. 

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