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Typically after your calendar has been filled with draft content, your clients or managers will need to review it. On Gain, you can send single posts, a week or two weeks worth of posts, or an entire calendar of content for review.

When you are ready to send content for review, just click To Approval from the action bar, which is visible wherever you are in the app. Keep in mind, you can only send content for approval that has been saved and is in DRAFT, REVISION mode, or pending next round.

Send all your posts for approval

Here’s how to send draft content for review from the calendar or list view: 

  1. Filter your posts by format, status, channel, etc. so that only the ones you need appear. 

2. Then, click on Select All or individually select the posts that you want to send for approval. 

3. Choose a single approver or an approval template to start the approval process. Note:

  • If you’re choosing a single approver, make sure the option “Auto schedule after user approves” is selected if you want the content to be automatically scheduled once approved. 
  • You can also type a custom message that will be seen by all your approvers. 

From pending approval to approved

Once content has been sent to approval, the content status will change a few times from draft to pending approval, revision requested, ready for next round, or approved. With the status next to every piece of content, you will be able to easily identify content with the same status in the calendar or list view, or use filters to find specific content you need. 

In the list view, a column labeled Status allows you to keep track of who the approver is, who is next in the approval process, and the last time your approver was notified.


Pending approval

After a post has been sent to someone (or a group of users for approval), it will have the “pending approval” status. Members of the internal team can see and update a post with this status. Additionally, Publishers and Admin users can send any content with this status back to drafts if they want to cancel the approval process altogether. 

Clients can only see content with the “pending approval” status if it is pending approval from them. An approver has two options for what they can do with this content:

  • Approve it. This will mark the post “Approved” (if they were the only approver) or it will send the post to the next person for approval (if there were multiple approval levels). 
  • Request a revision. This will mark the post as “Requires revision” and will alert the internal team to make the necessary fixes. 

Ready for next round

Whenever you add one or more Approvers into an approval process, each stage of the process, called a Round, has options that affect how it works. 

Manually advance to next round is one of these options. When this option is on, as soon as a round is approved, Gain will automatically move content to the next round, notifying the appropriate people that they have content pending their approval. When this option is off, the content will be marked “Ready for next round” and it is up to your team to manually continue the approval process. 

Requires revision

After an Approver requests a revision on a post, it will have the “Requires revision” status. Members of the internal team can make the requested fixes to the content, then resend the content to approval, which will send the post back to the same approver and mark the post as pending approval once again. 

Under the List view, you will be able to see who requested the revision in the Status column. All revision requests go to the person who created the post and any followers that sign up to receive notifications from activity in a brand, specific pieces of content, or channels.

In this stage, you can ask a follow-up question to approvers’ comments and have controlled conversations with your clients.



Any content that isn’t set to “Auto schedule after approved” will remain with the “Approved” status. This means the content will not be automatically scheduled by Gain and someone will need to manually schedule or publish the content. 

How are Approvers notified? 

We know how much everyone, including us, hates receiving tons of emails. This is why your approvers will receive reminders every 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours, and 72 hours after the first notification. 

When content is sent for approval for the first time, the approver will receive a notification via email. This is why we recommend that you send content for approval in bulk. If you send 10 posts, the approver will only receive one notification. If you, or another team member, send more content for them to approve later, they will receive another notification with the number of posts you sent. 

When all content is approved, reminders will stop. This way, when new content is sent for approval, a new notification will be sent and the process will start over. 

Re-send a notification to an Approver 

After revisions have been made to content, you can re-send another notification to Approvers letting them know content has been revised. There are two ways to re-notify Approvers after revisions have been made: 

  1. Inside the content editor, click the three dots and then select Renotify Approvers.

2. In the calendar or list view, filter by Rev status, select your content and click To Approval. 

Note: Leaving a comment for an approver will automatically renotify them, placing the content back in Pending Approval status. 

Override Approvers

To override an Approver who is on leave or has already given you approval in another way, you can mark the content as approved.

  1. In the content editor, click Approval.


2. Then, click the three dots, and Mark Approved. Leave a comment explaining why you’re overriding the approval, and click Send


Edit a round of approval

You can edit approval rounds inside each piece of content to remove someone or simply edit preferences. Only rounds where people have not been notified yet can be edited, if the content is already pending someone’s approval in that round, you will not be able to edit it. 

  1. Click the three dots in the round, and then click Edit


2. Now, you will be able to remove an approver or are more people to the round as well as modify the preferences for that round. Click Save.  

3. After the changes are complete, make sure to Save the post to continue the process with the new changes. 

Note: This will only modify the approval process for a single piece of content, not a template. If you need to modify an approval template permanently, go to Approval Templates under People, Workflow, Settings

What’s next? 

Next, learn how easy it is to review an approver’s feedback and revise posts with Gain

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