When you add a new team member to your GAIN account (see How do I add team members to my GAIN account? for more info) before the user receives an invitation you have to select access and permissions. 

  • A user can have access to the entire account, a whole brand or just specific channels (in a single brand or several). Once this is defined, an invitation to collaborate is sent. 
  • If the new user will be only an approver, that person won’t be notified immediately. Instead, they will be notified when content is sent to them for approval.

Why do approver-only users not get notified immediately? 

We want to make the approval process as simple as possible for clients. When you send content for an approver to review, the email notification includes a secure link that lets them log in without a password. They just click on the login link in the email and they're in the app, ready to review content.

This makes it unnecessary for them to go through a lengthy process of accepting an invitation and setting up an account beforehand. It is also confusing to these client-users to be invited to join the platform when there's nothing for them to do yet (approve content). This process solves this.

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