On GAIN,  users are given specific permissions based on their roles in your organization to only some or all brands and channels.


Users with the approver permissions are usually external clients managed by your agency or internal team members who are in charge of approving content. 

To simplify the approval process, by default, anyone with the approver role does not need a password to approve content as they are automatically logged in when they respond to the approval notification e-mail.

When adding a new approver to your account, that person will not receive any invitation or notification until there is content sent to them to approve.


Contributors can be any team members part of the internal team or not. An example of common contributing users within an agency can be interns or contractors whose only task is to create and manage content. 

Users with this role can create and edit draft content, send to approval, and edit content that is in approval stages (pending approval, revision required, ready for next round). For security purposes, they can't schedule, publish, export data or delete content. 


These user types can create and edit content in any status, send it to approval, schedule and publish it. They are also able to export data as we expect users with this role to be internal members of the team. 


They are usually managers or leads and can perform all the tasks available to publishers and contributors, as well as connect channels and modify clients. Users can be set to be administrators of an entire account or one specific client. They can add and remove users as well.

Account Owner 

The owner of the account can perform all tasks of any access level. Owners have access to the Billing section, invoicing details, and are in charge of payment.

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