How Gain can help you collaborate with interns and freelance content creators

Rather than dealing with the fuss of hiring a new team member or worrying about how a new person will adapt to your company culture, you might opt to hire a few interns or freelancers to help lighten your team’s workload. 

Working with interns and freelance content creators is a highly-efficient way to increase your agency or brand’s content output. However, if you’re struggling to organize how your team manages content outsourcing, Gain can help. 

With four different user access levels and an innovative content approval system, Gain is the easiest way for teams and brands that work with outside collaborators to coordinate their marketing content efforts. 

Here are a few ways Gain can help you manage a new intern or freelance content creator.

Adding interns as Contributors

During the first few weeks with your team, your outside collaborators may just be getting a feel for the content you are creating. They might make mistakes when it comes to a client or brand’s voice, forget a few emojis, or use hashtags where they don’t belong.

Gain’s contributor access level will allow you to leave feedback and edit your outside collaborator’s content before it is ever sent to the client or published on social media.

A user with a contributor role can create, draft, and edit content only. Then, they must send it to you or a designated approver before the content continues to clients. To ensure your social channels and clients’ accounts stay secure, anyone with contributor access cannot schedule posts, publish posts, export data, or delete content from Gain. 

Gain’s different user access levels allow you to manage exactly how much control your interns or freelancers have in the content creation process, keeping the client relations in your hands.

Gain is the best way to collaborate with outside helpers without cluttering your clients’ conversation or approval process.

To modify a user’s permissions, head to People in Account.

Have interns and freelancers upload files

With File Folders, your team can upload and collaborate on any type of marketing project. You can preview and send marketing materials such as eBooks, case studies, blog posts, and reports for approval in almost all formats, including Microsoft Office, Adobe files, and more.

Folders are not tied to a specific social channel, so you can give your interns or freelancers a space to share these types of files with your team or to send content ideas to your team. They can leave comments and annotations on every file, whether it’s a blog post, social ad mockup, or case study. 

Until the designated approver marks the content as “approved,” your team can endlessly revise content in close collaboration with your interns or freelancers before sending it to a client. This way, your collaborator learns on the job from your feedback, and your client sees a polished result.

Learn more about File Folders here

Use the calendar as a teaching tool for new collaborators.

The calendar lets all contributors see past content for the accounts they can access. Encourage new content contributors to scroll through the past few months of content for your brand or clients so that they can get a feel for the content. By viewing past content, contributors can learn what type of content you publish and improve their copy and ideas.

Reviewing past content is especially useful for interns who join your team to learn more about the marketing field. By adding them as contributors to Gain, you can accelerate your interns’ learning process and make them more valuable assets to your team. 

When your intern feels more connected to your team and your clients’ needs, they will contribute better content that advances your marketing strategy. Use folders as a teaching tool by allowing contributors to view multimedia content without downloading files or software. 

Introduce your intern to ad mockups, videos, or blog drafts and let them see feedback and edits all in one place. Gain simplifies the process of teaching your interns – and any freelancers – by putting all the materials you need in one place.

Whether you are looking to hire talented interns or need a helping hand from a freelance content creator, Gain can help your agency or brand collaborate more efficiently with outside help. Using Gain, you can give collaborators a glimpse of your social media strategy and allow them to view and create content for your clients under your supervision.

Remember, your collaborators can’t publish anything directly, and your clients can’t see any of their work until you approve it. Gain will increase your collaboration efforts with outside content creators and improve your content production without sacrificing quality or jeopardizing your client relationships.

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