How do I add or remove a new workspace?

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You can manage multiple workspaces under a single account. In Workspaces, you can create and manage marketing campaigns for different clients, brands, or projects. Workspaces contain file folders and social channels; all your files and social posts appear in a gallery, calendar, or list view. 

Important: Only Account Admins or Account Owners can create and delete workspaces. Workspace Admins can only remove a workspace they're admins of. 

Adding a workspace

1. To add a workspace, click on "Add a Workspace" or the +New Workspace button. 

2. Next, give your workspace a name.

3. Invite team members and approvers to your workspace. This is optional, and if you don't want to do this now, you can always do it later from your Workspace Settings > People. 

And that's it! Now, you can start uploading files to your file folders or connecting social channels. 

Removing a workspace 

To delete a workspace, you need to delete all file folders and disconnect all the social channels. You can do this in your Workspace Settings.

Important: Deleting a workspace is permanent; you can't undo this. All your approval workflows and people in the workspace are removed. Deleting a workspace deletes the people in it.

 After you've removed file folders and disconnected all your social channels, follow the instructions below to delete your workspace: 

1. Head to Workspace Settings > General Settings

2. Under Delete this Workspace, type in your password if all file folders and social channels have been removed, and then click Delete Workspace.


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