How do I switch between direct publishing and manual publishing for Instagram, Facebook and TikTok?

You can choose whether you want all Instagram single-photo, carousels, and single-video posts to be published automatically from Gain or designate a manual publisher to publish them manually.

In the case of Facebook, you can choose the type of publishing for Stories, and finally, how to publish the videos for TikTok.

The manual publisher will get reminders when it's time to publish a post. Switching from direct to manual publishing gives you the flexibility to add locations, tag, or mention people in your posts or stories directly in the Instagram, Facebook and TikTok app when posting. 

Switch to manual publishing on individual posts

To change the publishing mode for a single post, head to Publishing Mode right below your publish date. Select the option "Manual via Gain Notify" to get reminders when it's time to publish. Gain will send you a reminder when it's time to publish the post. 

Important: Remember to set up a Manual Publisher and download the Gain Notify app to receive push notifications when it's time to publish on Instagram. To learn more, click here.

Switch to manual posting for a channel 

You can set manual publishing as the default publishing mode for your channels. Gain will send reminders to publish every post scheduled to be manually published in your workspace, but you can still change it for individual posts as you create them. 

1. Head to Workspace Settings > Social Channels > Select the channel. 

2. Then, select "Manual Publishing" under Publishing Mode Default

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