Add Google Business Shop Codes

Managing multiple Google Business Profiles within Gain can be challenging if you can't differentiate your store locations. To address this issue, you can add "Store Codes" or "Shop Codes" to your locations.

What is a store code?

A store code is a short string that identifies one location from another. You can add a unique code to each of your locations. For example, if you have multiple locations for "Amarillo Cafe," the store code could be the specific place (i.e., "Twin Pines Mall" or "Aventura City") or a number ("01", "02") or another naming convention you come up with.

Gain supports store codes, so if your location has an associated store code, you'll see it next to your channel's name.

Note: The store codes are not shown publicly to end users in Google Business Profiles; they're just used for management purposes.

Adding a store code in Google Business

1. Log into Google Business, find the location, and click See your profile.

2. Click on the three vertical dots icon

3. Click on Business Profile Settings

4. Click on Advanced Settings

5. Scroll down to the "Store Code" section ( sometimes called "Shop Code") and click Add

6. Enter the code under "Shop code" and click Save

Next time Gain refreshes the channel info, the name should appear as "Business Name (Store Code)." This should happen automatically in about a day, and if it doesn't, don't hesitate to contact us via Live chat or email

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