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Occasionally, you may need to reconnect Facebook Pages in Gain, and this is a standard procedure Facebook requires of all third-party apps to keep your accounts safe. Connections between Gain and your pages require access tokens, which can expire for multiple reasons. When an access token expires, you will be required to reconnect that social account. For the most part, social accounts only require a simple reconnection. 

You will receive different warning notifications in your posts' Activity tracker and admins will receive emails from Gain with a link to reconnect. Additionally, you won't be able to schedule or publish any Facebook posts until your channel is reconnected. 

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Reconnecting a Facebook Page to Gain

To reconnect a Facebook Page to Gain, your Facebook Profile must be a “Page Admin” for that page. You can check the pages you manage here. From this section, select the page you'd like to reconnect, click Settings > Page Roles, and confirm you've got the proper permissions. Other roles like Editor or Moderator of a Facebook page, for example, cannot reconnect a page to Gain. For more information on all Page roles and capabilities, see Facebook Help Center - Page Roles.

Here's an example of what a typical Page Roles section looks like: 

To reconnect the channel, follow the steps below: 

  1. Go to Workspace Settings > Social Channels
  2. Select the channel that requires your attention. 
  3. Click Reconnect and follow the instructions. Reconnecting should reconnect any channels to Gain and allow you to schedule content again. 

Note: If you don't see the Workspace Settings option, get in touch with an administrator or the account owner.

I followed the steps to reconnect, but it’s not working

If you followed the steps to reconnect your page but received a message that you're not an admin of the page or similar, make sure to confirm the following:

  1. If you were given access to manage a Page via Business Suite (formerly Business Manager), you need admin access to the Business itself in Business Settings or Full Control to manage the page. 

 2. If your Business was given access as a Partner to manage a page or assets for another business via Business Suite, confirm that you Full Control to manage the page in your Business Settings. 

3. Check that Gain still has permission to post to your page(s)

In some instances, your social accounts will need to be fully reconnected. You’ll need to check Gain’s permissions in Facebook’s Business Integrations. 

  1. Click here to go to your Business Integrations. 
  2. Find Gain on the list and click on View and edit. In the modal window, confirm if Gain still has permission to receive information and manage features for the page(s) you manage. 
  3. If all options are checked in blue, click Remove to remove Gain from Facebook's Business Integrations. Don't worry, doing this won't delete any content from either Gain or Facebook. 
  4. Finally, come back to Gain. Go to Workspace Settings > Social Channels and try to reconnect the page again. If you're unable to reconnect it, please contact Support. 
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