Gain Referral Program

It's only fair that you get rewarded for spreading the word about us! So we have created a program where you get a $150 Tango gift card for every friend you refer to Gain. Once your friend signs up, they get 50% off their subscription for 3 months

Here's how our program works:

  1. Find your unique referral link in the heart next to your avatar. 

2. Share your unique link with friends and colleagues.

Once they sign up using your unique referral link and their first payment comes through within 3 months, we'll send you a $150 Tango gift card and your friends gets 50% off their subscription for 3 months

Important: Make sure your friends use your unique link to sign up; otherwise, we can't send out your rewards. 

Keep in mind that: 

  • Your gift card is unlocked 3 months after your friend's first successful payment, and your friend's discount is applied a month after their first successful payment.
  • Rewards are voided on any refunds or chargebacks made by your referrals. 
  • All referrals are manually approved by our team. 
  • Gain's referral program is limited to Gain users. 

If you have any questions, chat with us or email us at 

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