What type of notifications will Gain send me?

Gain's mission is to make marketing workflows easy for anyone working in teams. Notifications are essential to keep everyone on the same page by gathering feedback from clients and having content approved and published on time. 

You can manage all your notifications from the Notification Preferences “⚙” of your profile.

These are the notifications we send and their role in helping your team succeed: 

Content Pending Approval 

  • You will always receive an initial notification email when someone sends you content to approve. We consider this a vital notification, and there is no option to turn it off. 
  • If you have content pending approval, Gain will send reminder emails. You can turn them off from your Notification Preferences.

Time to Publish on Instagram

You can’t turn these notifications off and Gain only sends them to the person set up as the manual publisher for an Instagram channel. There are two types of notifications:

  • Gain sends an e-mail notification when it’s time to publish content on Instagram. 
  • The Gain Notify app sends a push notification to the manual publisher's mobile phone if they have Gain Notify app* installed on their phones. 

*Gain Notify does not send any other type of notifications aside from push notifications; however, we will expand the mobile app to receive different types of notifications in the future. 

When content has been approved 

After content is reviewed and approved, all editors will receive a notification. You can turn these notifications off, as we do not consider them vital. You can turn them off from your Notification Preferences.

Other notifications include: 

  • When someone mentions you 
  • When someone assigns you a task
  • When an approver replies to a question you asked 
  • Content scheduling or publishing errors 
  • When an approver request changes on content
  • When someone completes a task you’ve assigned to them
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