Export Content

Gain offers a way to download post previews to share with people outside your account as PDFs or Excel files to keep as a backup of content in your workspace.

To export content, go to the Calendar or Gallery view, select content, and then follow these steps:

  1. Find the three-dot menu at the top right.
  2. Click Export.

  1. Choose a Time Zone. This will display the Publish Date according to your selected timezone, which might differ from the Publish Date shown on your account.
  2. Select an Export Format (PDF, CSV, Excel).
  3. Click Export.

Important: Exporting content is restricted to account owners, administrators, or publishers. Contact the account owner or an administrator for assistance if the export option isn't visible.

PDF Format

A PDF report is a convenient way to share content with external stakeholders, like one-time approvers or someone who isn't engaged in the formal approval process but is part of the broader project or initiative.

  • You can download PDFs in one of these languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, or French.
  • There's no size limit for PDFs, but if you attempt to export a very large number of posts (several hundred in a single export, for instance), you might encounter timeout issues.
  • The PDF file shows posts or file previews as shown in Gain, along with details like the Publish Date, Status, Channel, and more.

Note: To request additional language support for PDFs, contact support@gainapp.com.

Excel with Activity

Exporting content to Excel is a great way to keep a backup or maintain a record of content in the workspace, which is essential for compliance checks or audit processes. Here's a breakdown of what the Excel document contains:

  • All the content in the Excel export includes the post ID and details like status, creation time, publish time, comments and task assignments, caption or text, links to images or videos, and content tags.

  • An additional Activity sheet includes all post comments and other activities like task assignments, approvals, or revisions, with user names and timestamps.

Export Content from Workspace Settings 

In the Export Content section under Workspace Settings, you can tailor your preferences based on specific criteria, including:

  • Publish Date
  • Social Channels or Folders
  • Status
  • Content Tags
  • Export Format

Additionally, you can select a preferred timezone for publishing dates and sort by Channel or Publish Date.

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