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  • Choose the right roles
  • Limit user access to certain brands or channels
  • Make another user in your Gain account an Account Owner 

Sometimes, you don’t want your entire team to have access to every brand in your account.

As an account owner or admin, you can grant users permissions to carry out specific tasks. 


In the People section of your Brand Settings menu, you can select the role of each user.

Choose the right roles

Decide which level of permission to give the users on your team in order to get the job done. Each level of permission defines the functionalities the user will be able to access. The user roles on Gain include:

Account Owner

The person who creates the account is the default owner, but ownership can be transferred to other users already in the account. Account Owners have access to view and manage billing, change account settings, manage users, manage brands and channels, and remove content in any channel connected in the account.




Administrators can perform tasks for the entire account, including one or several brands. They can connect or disconnect channels, modify brands, and export data. Although Administrators are able to add and remove users, they can’t access the billing section to change the user plan.




Publishers can create and edit content in any status, send content to approval, as well as schedule and publish it. Publishers are usually internal team members, and therefore, they can export data as well.




A contributor can be any internal or external team member or content creator. A common example of contributors within an agency are interns, freelancers, or contractors whose only task is to create and manage content.


Contributors can create and edit drafts, send content to approval, and edit content that is in the approval stages (such as pending approval, revision required, or ready for the next round). For security purposes, Contributors can’t schedule, publish, or delete content, or export any data.




Typically, Approver-only roles are designated for external clients or internal managers whose only job is to approve content. To simplify the approval process, by default Approvers do not need a password to approve content. Instead, they are automatically logged via the approval notifications emailed to them.  


Note: When Approvers are first invited to Gain, they do not receive any invitations or notifications until content is sent to them to approve for the first time.

Approvers cannot participate or see any internal activity. They will not be able to see any internal comments left by team members or assign tasks. As approver-only users, their only task is to approve or request revisions. They will also only be able to see content that is pending approval from them, has already been scheduled or published. 


Limit user access to certain brands or channels 

To remove users from a specific brand or limit their access, uncheck permissions under the brand or channel that the user is no longer going to be working on. 

In the Account people & access section of your account, you can access the settings for each user in your account. Here, you can edit their permissions as well as completely remove them from the account. 

Make another user in your Gain account an Account Owner.

The person who creates the account is the default Account Owner, but ownership can be transferred to another team member by the current owner.

You can choose another user to become the new owner in the Account people & access section of your account.

Click Transfer Account Ownership next to the + Invite a Client or Team Member button and choose a user from the drop-down options.

Keep in mind the new owner will have access to: 

  • View and manage billing
  • Change account settings
  • Add and remove anyone from the account
  • Add and remove brands and channels
  • Add and remove content in any brand/channel 

Once a new account owner is in place, the old Account Owner will become an admin by default. 

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