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Gain allows you to add one or more content Approvers to one or more Rounds of approval with special rules you can save and reuse. Learn how to create an Approval Workflow that’s flexible enough for simple, one-person approvals or complex multi-person workflows. 

In the Approval Workflows section under Brand Settings, you can set up workflows for your brand. 

Create an Approval Workflow

Here is an example of a typical approval process for an agency:



This example assumes that content is being managed and created by team members that work under the direction of a lead Social Media Manager who is first to review and approve content before it goes to the client.


Each stage of the Approval Workflow is called a “Round” and each Round has options that affect how content moves through the approval process. Here are the options to customize each Round:


  • Everyone must Approve / Any single person can Approve this Round - When the Round is set to “everyone must approve,” every single person in that Round must give the okay to the content before the Approval Workflow can continue to the next Round. When the Round is set to “any single person can approve,” as soon as one Approver gives the okay, the whole Round is marked approved.
  • Auto-advances to next Round after approved / Must manually advance to next Round after approved - With this option selected, as soon as a Round is approved Gain will automatically move content to the next Round (including sending the appropriate notifications to the next Approvers). When this option is off, content will be marked "ready for next Round" and it is up to your team to continue the approval process by sending it to the next Round manually.
  • Auto-schedules after approved / Must manually schedule after approved - With this option on, content will be automatically scheduled (assuming you've set a future publishing date for it) once all Rounds have been approved. When this option is off it is up to you to manually schedule the content.

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Save your Approval Workflow

You could set up the approval process manually for each piece of content, but that would be a cumbersome task. To help with this, Gain lets you define Approval Workflows that you can reuse.

Here are the steps to create a new Approval Workflow: 

  1. Click on the + New Workflow button. A new blank Approval Workflow will appear prompting you to Add People to the first Round. 

Important: Only people that have access to this brand will appear in the dropdown list. So make sure the people who will approve content for this brand or channel have access to your Gain account first

2. After choosing a person from the dropdown list, you can add another Approver to this Round by clicking on the “+” icon or add a new Round.

3. Once you are done setting up your Approval Workflow, give it a meaningful name. Anything that helps you recognize that workflow quickly, know who is in it, or that helps you remember what type of content to send through that workflow. You can type the name in the Workflow Name field as well as customize the name of each Round as well. 

Now that your Approval Workflow is set up, you're ready to start sending content for approval with it. Next time you send content for approval, you’ll be able to see and select your new Approval Workflow. 

Edit your Approval Workflows

Sometimes, your content Approvers will change or need to be removed. You can remove them from the Round altogether or drag and drop them to another Round. 

Important: After you make changes to the Approval Workflow, make sure to update any content already going through this workflow. You may need to send content for approval again using the new workflow if you’ve added new people or removed someone.

What’s next?

Now that your Approval Workflow is set up, you’re going to want to start sending content for approval. Learn everything you need to know about sending content to your clients

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