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  • Crop and rotate multiple images
  • Edit photos with filters, add text or resize

Your team doesn't have to spend hours and dollars on expensive and complicated photo editing software to make quality social media photos and graphics. Gain has a built-in editor where you can crop, resize, add text, and enhance an image’s lighting and color, add filters, and more. 


With Gain’s Photo Editor and Uploader, you can connect your Google Drive, Dropbox, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, or OneDrive accounts, or search the web for photos as well. 


To get started, inside the Creative Editor click on the brush icon on the photo you want to edit:



Crop and rotate multiple images

You can crop and rotate several images at once before they are uploaded for any multi-image post. Here’s how: 



  1. Begin by clicking Click or Drag to Upload
  2. When the uploader opens, select the files and click Edit

3. After you’re finished cropping or rotating the images, click Done and Upload.


Edit photos with filters, add text or resize 

Once you're happy with how you’ve cropped your images in the previous step, you’re ready to edit them. 

Click on the brush icon and the Photo Editor will pop up. Choose from default filters, stickers, or add text if you need to! 


Whether you're a new brand starting out or an existing social media manager, you can enhance your visual content and establish a strong identity for you and your clients. 

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