Exporting content for your clients or historical records is super easy in Gain. Content can be saved as PDFs, CSV compatible with Hootsuite, CSV with comma-separated values, and Excel spreadsheet with notes included. 

You can Export content from the Export Data section under Brand Settings (only Administrators) or choose content from the Calendar or List View and click Export from the Menu (Administrators and Publishers).

PDF Format

PDFs can be downloaded in English, Spanish, Portuguese, or French. If you would like us to include another language, contact Support and we'll be sure to add it. There is a size limit of 10Mb so keep this in mind when downloading content. 

In these files, you will find post mockups that look exactly as they would in Gain. All information relevant to the content such as Publish Date, Status, Brand, Channel, and the Post Format will be shown. 

Excel with notes included

The content will be given a post ID to identify it and the spreadsheet will include status, created time, publish time, client's name, post type, copy, a link to the picture or video used, and tags. 

This format has an extra tab so when you can click on View Notes, under the column labeled notes, you're automatically directed to that tab. There, each note will have a link to the post ID, date and time created, user, the actual note and a TRUE or FALSE column labeled Visible to Client to identify which notes the approver could see. 

Export content from the Brand Settings menu

In the Data Export section, you can choose which content to export based on specifications. The options vary from date range, channels, tags, and status.

You can also choose in which timezone content can be shown in the file. On Sort By, you can organize your data by Channel and then publish date or just the publish date.

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