Recycling content is a great way to increase engagement. Some brands have seen up to 3X more interactions with recycled content.

In fact, by not recycling your social media content, you’re actually creating more work for yourself and your team. Each time you create content from scratch, it demands a significant amount of time and effort to write, edit, create visuals, collect approvals, and schedule it. For smaller teams, content creation can take up a lot of time and leave little for other social activities like engaging with your audience.

If you want to save time on your social media efforts, consider recycling your content using Gain. Around 60% of marketers reuse content at least two to fives times, and by doing so, they also see a boost in engagement.

Here’s how you can reuse content with Gain! 

  1. To reshare content, simply go to your Filters menu in Gain and filter the content you want to recycle by social channel or status.

2. In the Calendar View, select your content by checking the Select box for each post or just click Select all.  

Once your content is selected, click the Recycle button located in the top navigation bar. 



3. Next, choose the Target Days and a Timeframe for when you’d like to save your drafts. Then, after you click Recycle Content, Gain will automatically distribute your content within the dates and time range you selected.

Note: There’s no limit on the number of days you can select to save your draft content. 

4. After you click Recycle Content, you will see an option to See the content in the calendar so that you can schedule the content right away, or click OK if you want to schedule the drafts later. 


Important: Smart Recycle™ will never automatically schedule or send content to anyone else inside or outside your organization without your approval. 

The best part about Gain’s Smart Recycle™ feature is that you can reuse content as many times as you’d like. Want to reshare that wildly popular meme or infographic from last month? Reschedule and reshare it with just one click! There’s no need to rewrite a post for multiple social channels. If you would like to share the same tweet (say, promoting a new blog post) sporadically throughout the entire month, then you can use the Smart Recycle™ feature to do so with ease.

Sometimes, content is just too good not to use again and repurposing your content isn’t a bad thing. In fact, nearly every big brand does it. With that said, we hope Gain makes filling out your social media calendar each month much faster and easier. 


Duplicate multiple posts to other channels and more. 

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