You can customize your brand or agency’s account to make it recognizable to your clients.

In Account Settings under your User settings, you can modify your company’s logo, company name, business address, and phone number. 

My Profile 

In the My Profile section under User settings, you can manage your notifications, change or reset your password, and update your personal profile photo.

Each user in your account has their own user settings. This means that each individual user can modify their names, email addresses, notifications settings, change their passwords, and set their own profile photos without assistance from the Account Owner or Administrator. 

If you need to change a client’s name for any reason, please contact Support. 

Turning off reminders

Gain will notify you whenever someone sends content to you for approval, has assigned a task, or leaves a comment. If you still have content pending after three hours, Gain will start sending reminders. All users can choose to turn off reminders when there’s content pending their approval. 

In addition to reminders, Gain also sends notifications when an approver has completed an approval request or a revision request on any channel that you manage.  

In the Notification Preferences “⚙”, you can choose whether you’d like to receive email or browser notifications.

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