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  • I added a user to my account but they never received an invitation. What's wrong?
  • My clients are not receiving approval notifications. 
  • If my clients can approve content without a password, is my content secure?
  • How can approvers access the system?
  • What type of notifications will Gain send me?
  • How can I reset my password?

I added a user to my account but they never received an invitation. What's wrong?

Before the new user receives an invitation, you have to select access and permissions. This will ensure the new team member is added to your Gain account.

  • A user can have access to the entire account, a whole brand, or just specific channels (in a single brand or several). Once these permissions are defined, an invitation to collaborate is sent. 
  • If the new user will be only an approver, that person won’t be notified immediately. Instead, they will be notified when content is sent to them for approval.

Why don’t approver-only users get notified immediately? 

We want to make the approval process as simple as possible for clients. When you send content for an approver to review, the email notification includes a secure link that lets them log in without a password. They just click on the login link in the email and they're in the app, ready to review content.

It’s unnecessary for these clients to go through a lengthy process of accepting an invitation and setting up an account beforehand. It is also confusing to these client-users to be invited to join the platform when there's nothing for them to do yet. Our process solves this.

My clients are not receiving approval notifications

Typically, after sending a post for approval, your client should instantly receive an alert to the email address used to invite them. Gain notifies approvers right away and shows you the hours or days since the approver was last notified. 



Remember that whenever you send content to clients for approval, while the person still has some content pending, the approver will not receive a new notification. Instead, the reminders will take care of notifying them of pending posts.

So, for example, if you've sent them a post for approval, then after an hour you send another post, they won't receive a new notification.

When all content is approved, reminders will stop. So when new content is sent for approval, a new notification will be sent and the process will start over.

If this isn't the case, then troubleshoot a few more things:


Corporate Server Blocking Gain Notifications 

It may be the case that your client's email system is blocking notifications from Gain at the server level. Usually, we can check when our emails have been sent and received, even opened, but sometimes the email server receives the message and responds back to us with "received" without actually delivering the message to your client.  This may happen with corporate security systems.


A workaround is to contact us so we can assign a temporary password to your client's Gain account; this way they'll be able to log in using the standard login (

Once inside, they can go to the My Pending Approvals section to approve content. 

Also, they should change this password as soon as they log in. 

 Finally, please have your client contact their IT department so they can whitelist Gain emails (


Correct spelling names in email addresses

This may seem common sense but with our busy lives, it is possible to misspell a name in an email address or a company name. Double check the address is correct when inviting a client into Gain. Remember, your client will not receive content unless you send it to them for approval.

Spam Folder

Make sure that emails from are not ending up in your spam folder.

If my clients can approve content without a password, is my content secure?

The Special Security token or Magic Token

Every approval email that goes out contains a special security token; we call it a magic token, and it serves as a temporary, one-time password. 

When a client clicks on the review content button in their email, the system authenticates the token (the token is already included in the link), and it logs the user into Gain to review the content. So, the content is never actually public. 

Once the user is logged in, the system immediately invalidates the magic token so no one else can use it again. Additionally, each token has an expiration, meaning it will automatically be invalidated if the client doesn't use it within a certain number of hours.

They can request another magic token to login at any time, but they cannot use a previous one. 

What happens if someone receives unauthorized access to your client's email account. 

If you've ever requested to reset a password for any service on the Internet you've seen that the system sends an e-mail to your inbox. This email contains a link with a special token to reset the password, a scheme much like the magic token.

This means that pretty much every secure system used on the Internet (including Google or Apple) requires that you keep your email account secure since anyone that gains access to your inbox can reset passwords for your services.

In this sense, the magic token authorization is just as secure as any password-based authorization system.

How can approvers access the system?

There are several ways for approvers and clients to access and approve content on Gain.

  • Whenever you send content to approval, approvers will receive a notification via email. This email includes a link that instantly logs them into Gain to approve content. No password required.
  • Additionally, approvers can visit the magic login page at any time. There they can enter their email address and receive a link to log in instantly via email. No password required here either.
  • Finally, once they're logged in, the approver can choose to set up a password for themselves. This way they can use the standard login page to log in with both their email and password. The previous methods to log in instantly via email will still be available.

What type of notifications will Gain send me?

Gain's mission is to make social publishing workflows easy for anyone working in teams. Notifications are an important way to keep everyone on the same page by gathering feedback from clients and having content approved and published on time. 

These are some possible notifications we send and their role in helping your team succeed: 

Content Pending Approval from social media channels

Time to Publish on Instagram

These notifications cannot be turned off and are only sent to the person set up as the manual publisher for an Instagram channel. 

  • An e-mail notification will be sent when content has been published on Instagram. 
  • A Push notification is sent to the manual publisher's mobile phone if they have Gain Notify app* installed on their phones. 

*Gain Notify does not receive any other type of notifications aside from push notifications; however, in the future, we will expand the mobile app to receive other types of notifications. 

When content has been approved 

After content is reviewed and approved, anyone with access to the channel for which the content has been approved will receive a notification letting them know the approver has finished reviewing the content. 

These notifications can be turned off as we do not consider them vital. You can turn them off from My Profile:


How can I reset my password?

If you forgot your password, you can reset from the login page or here Enter your email address used with Gain and hit reset password. 

You should receive an email with instructions on what to do next. Make sure to check your spam folder if you don't receive anything! 

If you're unable to reset your password, contact Support. 

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