If you have already downloaded Gain Notify but are still not receiving notifications double-check the following:

  • You are assigned as the Manual Publishing User for the Instagram channel(s) in Gain. You can do this by going to Brand Settings, then check the Instagram Channel settings.
  • In the Gain Notify app, you are correctly logged in with your user credentials. 
  • Gain also sends you an email notification when it's time to post to Instagram. Make sure that emails from support@Gainapp.com are not ending up in your spam folder.
  • You have enabled notifications for Gain Notify. You can check this by going to Settings and make sure that all the notification options are enabled. 
  • If all is configured correctly, and you're still not receiving notifications, log out of the mobile app (click the orange "logout" button) then log back in.
  • Make sure that your channel’s connection is not disrupted. An unauthorized channel can cause a number of problems in Gain when trying to edit, reschedule, or schedule content. Gain will also show warnings on your brands whenever a channel requires your attention: 

Occasionally, social accounts in Gain may need to be reauthorized due to password changes or policy changes set by the social network. Reauthorizing a channel can only be done by the user who is an administrator of the channel or brand. 


To fix reauthorize the channel follow the steps below: 

  1. Go to Brand Settings > Social Channels 
  2. Select the channel that requires your attention. 
  3. Click Reauthorize and follow the instructions. This should reconnect any channels to Gain and allow you to schedule content again. 

I received a push notification but I am unable to switch accounts within Gain Notify app to post. 

You can use Gain Notify to post to several Instagram accounts. This means that one manual publisher can post content from two or more Instagram accounts managed inside Gain. Whenever content is published to Instagram via Gain Notify, it should disappear from the Pending tab inside the app after it has been published. If once you receive push notifications for new content you can’t see it in the Pending tab, you will have to scroll to the bottom or remove all the content that has already been published. 

You can clear all your already published content by clicking I Already Published This for each piece of content. 

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