Marketing content that relies heavily on media comes in a variety of file formats, such as Powerpoint, PDF, CSV, MOV, and MP4, just to name a few. 

The Files channel provides space for teams and clients to collaborate on all varieties of media formats. Different types of content can help your brand connect with different customers in a number of ways.

With all of the formats that the Files channel supports, there is more than one way to use this channel. For example, if your team creates blog content, these entries can be sent to clients or all internal team members for review and can be easily organized in a calendar along with that brand’s other marketing content. Uploading content to Gain’s Files channel provides clients with a single place to leave feedback so your team can avoid scattering feedback across various documents and email chains. By having all your brand’s content in one place, you can also avoid sending unapproved documents to clients and make sure every piece of content goes through the right approval process beforehand. 

After using the Files channel to approve a blog post, you can use the client calendars in Gain to add calendar labels showing when blog posts are planned to go out. Team members, as well as clients, can view this calendar and labels. This helps keep everyone aware of the campaign plans month-to-month and helps keep deadlines and timelines organized and transparent.

We’ve studied some of the most popular ways teams are working the Files channel into their workflows today so your team can use the channel to increase your productivity too.

Here are a few ways you can use the Files channel on Gain.

1. Ebooks 

Ebooks are a quick and easy way to incentivize people to sign up to your brand’s mailing list. You can also use them to establish authority and showcase expertise. However, creating and editing an ebook can also be a nightmare if many people are involved in the process. 

By using Gain’s creative asset channel, your team can save time and trouble when sending drafts of your book for review and approval.

2. Case Studies 

Case studies are a powerful marketing tool, and as such, proper planning is important. There are many key components to case studies and everyone involved has to be on the same page. 

By uploading your case studies to Gain, you can keep all discussions with your team in one place. Gain helps bring light to an otherwise messy process of revisions by reducing confusion and consolidating edits, thus, streamlining the editing process. Your team can have unlimited conversations and revisions regarding the document before the client ever lays eyes on it. 

3. Branded Multimedia (Infographics, brochures, etc.)

Branded company videos, graphics, and website elements can all benefit from the same workflow that social posts do. Just like social posts, your team probably creates many versions of the same content.

65% of the population is made up of visual learners, which means your team members, as well as clients, can benefit greatly from seeing a visual version, rather than a written out explanation, of the media you are creating. However, sharing documents via text or an email attachment is not always the most effective way to collaborate.

Often, not everyone has the necessary applications to open creative media content (such as Adobe software). Therefore, Gain’s Files channel supports a variety of formats (MOV, MP4, CSV, EPS, AI, etc.) and provides a common ground for collaboration with zero hassles.

Gain’s Files channel is a key place where a variety of content formats can be convened, evaluated, and approved. This channel simplifies the process for teams that invest heavily in multimedia content campaigns, which nowadays, are crucial for engaging online audiences. 

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