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Due to restrictions with Instagram’s API, to set up direct publish for Instagram you will need to create a Buffer account. Our team will add direct publishing via Gain only as soon as this functionality becomes available. 

There are two ways to publish to Instagram:

  • Set up manual push notifications 
  • Direct publishing via Buffer 

For a clearer picture, see below: 

This article will cover how to set up Direct Publishing via Buffer. To learn how to set up Push notifications via Gain Notify, click here

Before you get started 

Remember, direct publishing is only available for Instagram Business Accounts. So, before you get started make sure you set up a business profile first. Here’s how to set up an Instagram Business Account.  

You will also need to make sure your Instagram accounts are connected to Gain. To do so, go to Brand Settings > Social Channels and click on +Add a Channel

Connect Instagram to Buffer 

In order to publish directly to Instagram, you will need to set up a Buffer account that has all the Instagram Business accounts you’ve already set up on Gain. 

Note: Buffer offers a basic free plan* that includes 3 social accounts, 10 scheduled posts, and 1 user. Click here for more details.

  1. From the Buffer Dashboard, click on Connect Your Social Accounts and follow the instructions to set up your Instagram accounts. 
  2. Click I’ve enabled Push Notifications. This is a required step to set up your Instagram accounts in Buffer but you will still receive push notification reminders to post from Gain
  3. Once push notifications are enabled, you can set up Direct Publishing by clicking on Yes, let’s do it! 
  4. Next, click on Continue and Authenticate with Facebook** and follow the instructions. 

That’s it! You’ve successfully connected your Business Instagram accounts to Buffer. 

*Service is subject to Buffer's terms and conditions. Limitations on their service can be imposed depending on your Buffer plan. See their website for details. Gain is not a partner, or is affiliated with Buffer.

**Facebook requires Instagram Business Accounts to be connected to a Facebook page, here’s an article that explains how to do so.

Connect Gain to Buffer 

Now, it’s time to enable Direct Publishing in Gain. 

  1. Go to Brand Settings > Social Channels, choose your Instagram channel from the list, and click on Authorize with Buffer. 

2. Follow the instructions to authorize Buffer to post to Instagram. 

Great! You can now begin to schedule and publish content on Instagram.  

Publishing to Instagram 

Once your channels are successfully connected, you can begin creating and scheduling content as you would for any other channel. This means drafting, approvals, and scheduling (as well as reminders for Stories and multi-image posts) are all done via Gain. 

Gain will send your scheduled Instagram posts to the Buffer API only when their time to publish comes around. 

Note: Instagram Stories, videos, and multiple image posts are not supported by the Instagram API. You will still receive reminders when it’s time to publish them via the Gain Notify app. 

What happens if a post fails to publish? 

As with posts scheduled on other social networks, Gain will notify you if an error occurs via email and in the All Activity panel.


We understand it requires a few extra steps to set up direct publishing to Instagram for your single-image posts. If you encounter any issues throughout the process, don’t hesitate to reach out to or send us a chat. We’re just an email away! 

Additionally, you can check out this troubleshooting guide by the Buffer team. 

How to reauthorize your Instagram accounts on Buffer 

Occasionally, Instagram accounts on Buffer may need to be reauthorized due to password changes or policies set by the social network. 

When this happens, you can reauthorize the "disconnected" account so that you're able to start scheduling content again. This can only be done by the administrator of the Buffer account.

To reauthorize the account, go to > Manage Social Accounts. Then click on “Reconnect” and follow the instructions to authenticate your account. 

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