How to duplicate content

In Gain, you can duplicate content from one channel, folder, or workspace to another. This way, you’re only uploading a file or creating a social post once. For example, you can upload a video, save it in a folder, and then duplicate it to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Any time you need to reuse that video, you’ll find the original in the folder you saved it in. 

To get started, choose a file or social post to duplicate. Then, follow these steps: 

  1. Click Duplicate in the action bar at the top.

Note: You can duplicate any item on your calendar or list view from the editor too. 

2. Then, select the workspace(s), folder(s), or channel(s) where you’d like to duplicate in. Click Duplicate3. That’s it! Gain will save all your duplicated items as drafts on the same date and time as your original. Now, you can schedule or send them for approval. 

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