Reuse Social Posts

Repurposing social content is a clever tactic to boost engagement and free up time. Smaller teams often get overwhelmed by content creation, leaving less time for other essential tasks. When you recycle posts, Gain makes duplicates and saves them as drafts, allowing you to edit content or send it for approval before you schedule it.

Here's how you can recycle content in Gain:

  1. Select at least two posts(s) from your calendar or gallery view.
  2. Click Recycle from the action bar.

  1. Choose a date and time range. Gain will set a date and time for your posts, but only within the limits of the time frame and dates you specify.

That's it! You'll find your repurposed social posts as drafts on the calendar, where you can schedule them for posting and keep track of their performance from the Insights section in your workspace.

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