How to recycle your social content

Recycling content is a great way to increase engagement. Some brands have seen up to 3X more interactions with recycled content. Around 60% of marketers reuse content at least two to five times, and by doing so, they also see a boost in engagement.

In fact, by not recycling your social media content, you’re creating more work for yourself and your team. Each time you make content from scratch, it demands a significant amount of time and effort to write, edit, create visuals, collect approvals, and schedule it. For smaller teams, content creation can take up a lot of time and leave little for other social activities like engaging with your audience. 

If you want to save time on your social media efforts, here’s how easy it is to reuse content with Gain! 

  1. Start by selecting posts in the calendar or list view. Then, click the Recycle button located in the top navigation bar. 

Tip: Use filters to find the posts that you want to recycle. 

2. Next, choose the days and times on which to publish your posts. All your posts will be saved as drafts and randomly distributed throughout the days and time range you selected. 

3. Finally, click See them in the calendar to see all your recycled posts as drafts where you can schedule or send them for approval. 

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