How do I mark content as published?

  • When your publishing mode is set to Manual Publishing, Gain will send reminders to a designated user when it's time to publish posts in this status. Once Gain sends the reminder, your post's status will be labeled MPUB. After the user publishes the post, they can manually mark it as published, changing its status in the calendar to Live.

For additional information on manual publishing, check out this article.

  • You can also manually label files as "live." This is useful for content with deadlines, like blog articles, which Gain can't automatically publish.

  • Social posts not set to Manual Publishing can't be marked as published or live manually. If you happened to post them manually because they weren't published via Gain or if there was a publishing failure. Please get in touch with us via our Support widget or email us at We can change the status of your post(s) for you.
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