Set up Push Notifications via Gain Notify

When posts are set to manual publishing, you can download the Gain Notify mobile app to receive reminders when it's time to post. The Gain Notify app transfers the post(s) to your phone for easy publishing. 

Set a Publishing Mode

You can manually publish TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook Stories. 
  1. Go to Workspace Settings "⚙️" > Social Channel and find your Instagram account.
  2. Click Manage. 
  3. Choose your preferred publishing mode and click Set as Default Publishing Mode.
You can always switch the publishing mode on a per-post basis under Publishing in the post editor. 

Publish Content with Gain Notify

Posts will show in chronological order by publish date and social profile name in the Pending tab within the Gain Notify app. You'll only see posts precisely at the time or after they're due to be published, and not before.

    • Any posts pending manual publishing on your calendar will be set to "MPUB" status until you publish them.
    • Gain Notify stores images and videos on your mobile device.
    • Post captions are automatically copied to your clipboard. Tap and hold to paste them into the caption field. 
    • In the Gain Notify app, the Posted section displays all the content you've manually published. You can find the post you've previously published and remove it by tapping I Already Published This. This action will update your post's status from "MPUB" to "Live" on your calendar.
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