Edit Photos

Gain offers a built-in image editor where you can edit images for social media posts. You can apply filters, add text, adjust saturation and brightness, and more.

To get started, create a social post and follow these steps:

  1. Drag and drop a photo to the creative editor.
  2. Hover over the image and click the three dots.
  3. Select Edit image

This opens up a range of editing options:

  • Crop and Resize: Adjust the size and dimensions of your image. Whether you need it for social media posts, presentations, banners, or graphics, you can tailor your photos to your specific requirements.
  • Filters: Apply creative filters to your images, instantly transforming their appearance and adding unique visual effects.
  • Rotation and Flipping: Rotate or flip your images to achieve the desired orientation.
  • Add Text, Stickers, and Frames
  • Color and Lighting: Adjust contrast, brightness, saturation, or sharpness

  1. Once you've finished making your changes, click Done. You'll then see both the original photo and the newly edited version in the Image Tray.

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