Using Content Tags

Content Tags help you build context around individual social posts and files, ensuring your team stays on the same page regarding your content strategy.

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Apply Content Tags

Here's how to tag content:

  1. Select content from the calendar or gallery view
  2. Click on the three dots
  3. Click Content tags

  1. Type to search or add a new tag and click Done.

You'll see the tag when you hover over content in the gallery or calendar and in Content details when you're in edit mode. To remove a tag, click [x] next to the tag.

Manage Tags

To see a complete list of all the tags in your workspace, head to Content Tags under Workspace Settings. From here, you can easily track how many times each tag has been utilized and rename or delete them if necessary.

Filter by Content Tags

You can create as many tags as you need, making them an essential resource for categorizing content and campaigns.

  • Tags play a crucial role in maintaining organized workspaces and facilitating content searches, as you can apply content tag filters in both your calendar and gallery view. You can also filter by several content tags by selecting Any or All content tags from the filter options before applying them. 

  • Additionally, you can use tags for filtering within the Insights section to analyze the performance of posts associated with a particular tag. You can also apply tags to posts directly from the Insights section.

Content Tag Ideas

You can create tags to match your needs, whether you're managing diverse audiences across different content types and channels or a marketing plan with a wide range of topics or themes. Here are some ideas for content tags:

  • Audience Segmentation
    • B2B
    • Geographic Location
    • Customer Persona
  • Content Themes
    • Industry Trends
    • Thought Leadership
  • Campaign Objectives
    • Sales Promotion
    • Customer Engagement
    • Education
  • Campaigns
    • Product Launch
    • Seasonal Campaign
    • Event Promotion
    • Content Series
  • Content-Type
    • Case Study
    • Whitepaper
    • Infographic
  • Content Owner
    • Content Team A
    • Paid Media Team
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